It’s going to feel darn near summery once these clouds and cool winds go away!

In fact that warmth is going to extend into next week and if we’re lucky into Mother’s Day weekend as well!

It’s May, so that means the University of Washington weather maps have switched over to “summer” mode and the colour ranges go up back 100ºF. Lets hope we don’t see any of that anytime soon! But it is going to be quite pleasant reaching into the mid twenties celsius (70s Fahrenheit) this weekend and next week.

Here are the afternoon highs from tomorrow all the way to Thursday next week.

If you’re a little lost on the map you can locate Port Alberni in the top left corner at the end of the Alberni Inlet. 🙂


Environment Canada has the heat coming a little earlier… Monday rather than Wednesday. So keep that in mind. But definitely by mid week next week we should be well into a stretch of warm weather.

Have a great weekend and see you next week!

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