Sunny and Warm for Global Days of Action. Make your voice heard.

The last days of summer are upon us and they look warm and sunny. Once the last showers end this morning things should start to clear up.

Saturday and Sunday may start out foggy but we should be in full sun by afternoon with highs into the upper twenties or maybe hotter. Fall begins Monday night and with that beginning will come more fall rain. My poor birch tree will be happy!

Global Days of Action on Climate Change

On Sunday there are going to be marches all over the world to try to compel world leaders meeting in New York City to take real steps to de-carbonize our economies and address climate change.

They are hoping for a Million people to march in New York.

We will also be marching here.

The March will begin at 2PM Sunday from Trinity Church on 5th and Angus (behind City Hall and the Courthouse).

On Saturday there will be a banner making get together from 9AM to Noon at James Lunney’s office at the bottom of Argyle. That banner will be used in the March on Sunday so come down and contribute your art work and name to the banner!

The hot and heavy fact is that we are currently failing in global efforts to limit global warming. As this new Price Waterhouse Coopers report details, we have a limited amount of fossil fuels we can burn before we will be unable to avoid more than 2°C of warming which is considered the maximum “safe” amount. We are currently on a path to blow through that budget in less than 15 years and head up to 4°C or more of warming.

We must Act.

August 2014 was the warmest August in the modern era (since 1880). Temperatures were 0.75° C above average globally and 1.07° C above average in the Northern Hemisphere in particular. IMG_4710.GIFWe are basically already half way to 2°C just with the CO2 we have already pumped into the atmosphere…. You have seen the wild weather on the news from hurricanes to snow storms to floods and our own drought this summer. It will not get better if we do not change, but it WILL get better, in so many ways, from the environment, to jobs, to spending less on fuel… If we change our ways and demand government re-organize our economies to do it.

As the snippet from the report I included below shows, the stuff you hear about efforts to address climate change wrecking our economy are proving false. Don’t believe them. De-Carbonizing our economy can and will create jobs.


We may only able to do so much personally but together we can help change the world.

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