Frosty Morning

It was a beautiful but very frosty and icy morning this morning! I’m sad I’ve not yet figured out what is wrong with my webcam because it would have been a great morning for it. Hopefully this weekend I can figure it out!

We got down to -3.6ºC this morning at Alberniweather. Our coldest since February I believe!

Weekend looks dry – Nothing Sunday

As so often happens, the possible precipitation that was showing for Sunday has gradually diminished. There is still a band of showers that will reach the Island Sunday afternoon but it is far less strong than previously forecasted.

You can see it reaching the North Island Sunday afternoon but it is just a few blobs of moisture rather than the steady rain we were maybe hoping for.

That means that for the most part, Saturday and Sunday are likely to stay dry and cold. There might be some wind on Sunday accompanying the system, but that’s it.

Next chance Tuesday

Our next chance at precipitation (remember, it’s NOVEMBER, it should be raining) looks like Monday night or Tuesday morning. Let’s hope for some rain because after that the rest of next week looks pretty dry again!

In Case Twitter Dies – There is Mastodon

If you’ve not been under a rock lately then you will hopefully know that Elon Musk bought Twitter a couple weeks ago and it’s been a bit of a thing… to the point where there is question whether Twitter will survive in its current form at all.

Since I’m all about backup-plans, I have created a space for Alberniweather on the Mastodon network. You can find me at I’ll post there what I post on Twitter including blogs and things. Feel free to follow me there if you’re considering making the switch.

Happy Friday!

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