Spring Heat and sun through Mother’s Day. Rain Victoria Day?

It was a beautiful weekend and it looks like the sun won’t stop anytime soon.

The UWash model is bone dry all the way through Mother’s day. Unfortunately that might mean that the heat comes a week too early for Victoria Day weekend. There is precipitation expected again by mid week next week.

But that is a fair ways off, and is certainly subject to change, so for now we can focus on this week!

There is a little disagreement in the models about what day will be the hottest. EC says Wednesday and Thursday but the GEPS and UWash say Thursday and Friday.

GEPS Long term multi model ensemble.
UWash Wednesday up to 27°C
Thursday up to 29°C
Friday up to 29°C

Environment Canada is predicting a peak of over 31°C while the UWash expects only up to 29°C. Regardless which one gets the detail right, it is going to feel plenty hot for early May!

Stay hydrated, stay cool and you might want to water your garden!

Have a great start to your week. Happy Monday!

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