Bulletin Issued Saturday

As you’ve no-doubt noticed, the smoke has returned to Vancouver Island including the Alberni Valley.

Environment Canada and the Ministry of Environment have issued a Bulletin but it does not cover Vancouver Island at this time. Just the same, with the elevated levels of pm2.5 I would take precautions.

The Ministry has issued now issued a Smoky Skies bulletin for many regions including ours.

A smokey forecast shows various shades of yellow and brown.
This morning’s picture from firesmoke.ca

Heat returning Briefly – Smoky Sky permitting

We have temperatures up to 34ºC in the forecast, however, the forecast at firesmoke.ca says the smoke will linger for the next two days at least so we may not reach those highs. Today we were forecast to reach 30ºC but I believe the smoke is holding us where we are currently around 28ºC.

Clouds and Showers next week

Next week we see quite a big change. A full 5 days of clouds and hopefully showers on Tuesday and Wednesday! I’ll wait a couple days before putting up predictions for amounts.

Thanks for your Patience

I just want to say thanks for your patience as I upgraded the server that feeds this website. Not only is the weewx software now fully up to date, it’s also running from a brand new place. An old 2009 iMac that used to be my mom’s! It may not sound like it, but this is an upgrade from the tiny Raspberry Pi the weather server was running on before. This iMac has many uses at our house so we upgraded it just last night with more memory and a modern storage drive.

an iMac sits on a table. It has no screen. It's innards exposed.
This iMac is the new home for the data and server that feeds alberniweather.ca

The transfer of the software and all the data from the Pi to the iMac completed just a little while ago.

I’m hopeful that the iMac will have enough juice in it to handle all it’s doing now plus streaming for a webcam if I can get that replaced too. Whatever happens, it’s all in a good state of affairs now so I don’t anticipate any more long outages.

Take care out there, and avoid the lineup if you can. It’s a doozy!

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