Smoke to continue through Tuesday. Clearing hopefully Wednesday. Sunny and warm Thursday.

Update 2:30PM

see the graphs on the front page.

Update 10:15AM

The latest information from NASA on smoke forecasts is not good. See animation below. We should still get a break, but short-lived.

PM2.5 levels consistent, and bad.

The sensors have been very consistent for the past 24hrs as this smoke stays put. It might look like there is variation in the graph below, but look at the scale on the side and you’ll see it has been all in a band between 70-75ug/m3 for that 24hrs.

Click for larger

The Ministry station on Alberni Elementary shows even higher levels, again stable for the past 24 hours and you can see the last couple days as well.

Click for larger

The higher reading from the official station is probably a combination of differences in measuring quality (Ministry being the gold standard) even with the UNBC correction, and the fact that my station is on top of a hill, and Alberni Elementary is at the bottom of Johnston where all the air “drains” down.

Smoke lingering at least another day. Very light rain showers coming.

Forecasts now predict the smoke to stay out through today and Tuesday before moving north and west on Wednesday.

Showers might move in tonight around 8PM but only very light and localized mostly over the Beauforts.

Weak bands of rain move through overnight. They will not amount to much.

Stronger bands of rain move through overnight on Tuesday into Wednesday but again, not huge, though they should move the smoke out.

On Thursday we should be back to blue sky and warm temperatures at least for a day!

Let’s hope so!

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