Small Wildfire near Sproat Lake – Wildfires spark all over Island and Province – Sparks new Petition for Mars

You can sign the new #bringbackthemars petition here.  (I am not leading this petition)

Update 11:45PM

One last night shot before bed… take note of the top picture of the post before you look below.  Was tonights picture really necessary?


Update 10:30PM

Impressive nighttime shot just now.


Update 10:25PM

If you are looking for current official information (it can often be delayed though), the fire has now reached a large enough size to be a “Wildfire of Note”.

They have included this image from above from earlier this afternoon.

742015~71640_Dog Mountain Fire 2 Copy FLNR  Right 2015

Here is the latest:

Last updated: Saturday, July 04, 2015 at 7:03 PM

Location: Dog Mountain on Sproat Lake
• See approximate location of this wildfire on a Mapquest map.
• View an interactive map of all active Wildfires of Note.

Discovered: Saturday, July 04, 2015

Size: 5.0 hectares (estimated)

Status: Active
This fire is burning aggressively on the top of a mountain, surrounded by steep terrain on all sides. The fire is slowing backing down the hillside.

InterfaceInterface Interface Fire

Cabins at the lake level with boat only access are being evacuated with help from the RCMP. The local government’s EOC has been activated to assist evacuees.

More information
This fire is on a peninsula of land almost completely surrounded by Sproat Lake. A narrow isthmus provides land access to some of the cabins on the peninsula.

Cause: Human Human Caused
This fire is suspected to be human caused.

• 6 firefighters
• 3 helicopters
Air Tankers are dropping retardant on the fire, which has the ability to retard the movement of the fire when either wet or dry. Helicopters are also bucketing on the fire to cool hot spots and reduce fire behaviour. Additional resources are being mobilized to this fire.

Update 10:20PM

Some sunset shots:

IMG_3086 copy


Update 8:45PM

The bcwildfire website says the fire is now 8 Hectares.

Check out the two photos below taken 4hrs apart at 4;45PM and 8:45PM.



imageUpdate 7:30PM

From CHEK: the fire has grown to five hectares and RCMP have begun ordering evacuations of cabins.

Update 4:35PM

Approaching the cabins…

Update 4:25PM

This will be my last update for a few hours as I am headed to the Heritage Golf Classic to volunteer for a few hours this evening.  I will update again around 8PM.  Stay safe folks.  Hoping for the best.

One more video just sent to me.

Update 4:10PM

From the AVNews as of 3PM.

The B.C. Coastal Fire centre is reporting a 1.5 hectare fire near the top of Dog Mountain near Sproat Lake. According to CFC rep Ellie DuPont, an initial helicopter crew is on scene and an air tanker is on its way. DuPont said the fire is currently not endangering and cabins or homes.

I’m Update 4:00PM

The view right now from the City of Port Alberni.


 Update: 3:55PM

Just noticed by a reader.  Current Humidity at the Port Alberni Airport (which is just a few km away from the fire) is 12%!  22% in the City at my station.  Very very dry conditions and the afternoon breeze has come, thankfully not too strong.
Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 3.53.16 PM

Update: 3:45PM

From about twenty minutes ago.


Update 3:30PM

Just received from the Alberni Clayoquot Regional District:
‎There is a forest fire burning on Dog Mountain…. activated an Emergency Operations Centre level 1 and will be in contact with Forest Service, no need at this time for further resources… will advise as things progress”

Update 3:25PM

From a reader


Update 3:20PM

A resident took these photos about 20minutes ago and reports the smoke is about twice as large.  But these of course are not confirmed by official sources.


Update 3:05PM

Update 2:55PM

There is now one in Qualicum apparently.  This is a very disturbing situation.


Update 2:30PM

Witnesses report there are water bombers and helicopters on scene at #sproatlikefire

Facebook Video here.

There are more serious fires elsewhere on the Island.  Such as Port Hardy.  Good thoughts and strength to them.


Update 2:25PM

Anecdotal reports that there are ground and helicopter crews on the fire now.

Update 2:15PM

This is the photo that should get your blood boiling….. help, sitting helpless on the beach.


I will update this post through the day though I won’t be here the whole afternoon and evening.

It is not getting any better out there.

There fires all over the Island.  And now including near Sproat Lake off Two-Rivers Arm (the uninhabited part though there are some campsites).  It is small but visible from the City of Port Alberni.

The Hawaii Mars is sitting on land within sight of this fire.  Frustrating.  You can sign this if you like.  I am not doing a petition this year to bring back the Mars, but others are.  It already has almost 200 signatures.

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