Signing off for Month of July – HAPPY CANADA DAY – and Exciting Views Coming!

See You Soon.

This will be my final post on this blog until August as I and my family take a much needed break and vacation to see friends and family and amazing things. Next blog post will be on or after August 2. I may post a few updates on the facebook page or twitter though who knows. Weather is interesting in all corners of the world!

Even though there will be no blog posts, the weather station and webcam will still be active so the data here and the live webcam will still work as long as the computer is running :). I will check every once in a while just to make sure it is all cool. I have noticed that on very hot days the webcam has shut itself down, likely due to overheating. But it is on a timer, so eventually it should return automagically.

Fabulous Forecast!

All that said, that doesn’t mean there isn’t news today! First, the forecast for Canada Day weekend looks darn near perfect.  A mix of sun and cloud, no precipitation anywhere to be seen, and pleasant temperstures in the 20s.

Canada 150

Make sure you check out all the Canada 150 festivities with the Parade on Stamp and 3rd Avenue (starting at Catalyst paper mill), the Triconic challenge, the party at Harbour Quay and fireworks!

Coming Soon! A New View!

Something super exciting happened yesterday!

That is a new skylight in my upstairs bathroom.  As you can see, I can now not only see my anemometre, the skylight opens so I can climb through and easily get on the roof! Not only will this make it easier for me to maintain the anemometre (and my Christmas Lights!) but I can now realize my goal of putting the 360° Live Webcam up there!  The views are amazing!

I will install it up there as soon as possible in August. It’s going to be awesome!

Once we make it safe up there, I am hoping to be able to climb up and be able to watch the stars and even pull my telescope up there maybe. But we will see in August.

So, for now, from my family to yours…. Happy Canada Day. Stay safe out there. Have fun and have a wonderful July.

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  1. Hi Chris. I wanted to let you know that the CFMETR open house this year is 9 Sept 17. I know you and your family enjoyed it the last time you were here for it.


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