Showers coming Friday late afternoon and evening. Nice Weekend (but normal temperatures)

The clouds have begun to roll in and by late this afternoon the rain will begin. Below is the picture for 2PM this afternoon. The models predict the rain to be begin to impact the West Coast between 2 and 3.

Showers will spread across the Island by 5PM but they will be light everywhere but the mountain passes.

The heaviest showers are expected between 7 and 8PM.

Rain Scale – Millimeters on top, centi-inches on bottom. (1024cin = 10 inches)

We might get 8mm of rain in Port Alberni if we’re lucky. Hopefully we get a little more than that. I noticed Cameron lake was already showing a shoreline which seemed lower than normal for this time of year.

Things should pretty much dry out overnight and then we’ll have just a few lingering showers with a mix of sunshine on Saturday and a sunny day on Sunday to end Spring Break! (in Port Alberni/SD70) Don’t expect the hot temperatures of earlier in the week to return though. We will be back to seasonal highs in the 10-13ºC range. Quite pleasant!

Have a great Friday!

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