Showers and possible mix today and evening. Drier and warmer this weekend into next week.

Drizzle had already begun when I left the house this morning at 6AM.

The showers should intensify and may fall as wet snow later this morning but it is unlikely to stick.

The strongest precipitation is expected to begin between 1-4PM and then peak in the 4-7PM timeframe.

You can also see in the picture above the strong southeasterlies winds blowing through the Strait of Georgia and the Southerlies off the West Coast (in the top image).

The Ferries will likely have the most trouble this evening period.

Once this system passes through overnight we can expect a few days of unsettled weather with a risk of showers the rest of the week and possible snow on Friday or Saturday for the Cowichan area.

After that, it looks like the pattern shifts and we dry out and warm up for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday… temperatures will get back up near 10!

Happy Wednesday!



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