Participate in the Great BC Shakeout

Every year for the past many years, on the 3rd Thursday of October, there has been a practice earthquake drill across BC, the Great BC Shakeout! It’s a big deal! And it’s also really important, and useful to do.

Whether you are at home or in an office. What do you do if you’re driving? (pull over) What do you do if you’re in a business (drop/cover/hold on)

Feel free to go over to to for ways to conduct a drill in your situation.

Windy Thursday – Strong rain on Friday — Will we get our first Fall Storm?

It’s looking promising…

We can expect rain to begin Friday morning!

I am a little concerned that we might get too much too fast which will weaken the already stressed trees and make them more vulnerable to high winds. However… beggars can’t be choosers at this point.

Thursday Wind First

On Thursday we might see some strong winds in the afternoon and evening as the pattern changes. There may be some showers but it will mostly be wind. We can see 35knot (70kph) winds off the West Coast which is about the strongest we’ve seen since spring.

Stormy Friday Night

If you didn’t get it done before Thursday, you’ll want to batten down the hatches, clean up the yard, pin down the Halloween decorations for Friday night.

We have a low pressure centre coming onto Vancouver Island on Friday night. It’s not super strong, but again, we can expect some strong wind and with the rain and stressed trees as well as the leaves still being on many of them, expect a bit of a mess. Hopefully it’s not too strong. It looks like 60-70kph at the most on the outside coast.

Here’s hoping the rains are light, but constant… and the winds are lighter than we might expect.

Take care out there.

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