Road Closed Again – Wind Closure Possible Thursday and Friday.

Highway 4 has been fully closed since noon on Tuesday due to high winds, and possibly (this is speculation on my part) the impacts of the first significant rainfall since the fire damaged the slope. I would imagine that they are doing assessments of the slope above the roadway. Anyone who has driven the road will have seen the large boulders and fallen trees above the road.

The latest update from DriveBC (see the sidebar on the right and the front-page for direct updates) says it will open at 11:30AM on Wednesday.

Environment Canada is expecting the wind to pick up again this afternoon when winds up to 20kph which could translate into higher winds again through the Cameron Lake valley.

Back to warm temperatures – Afternoon breezes – Road Forecast

A weak ridge of high pressure will build in Thursday and through the weekend. Expect warm temperatures in the upper twenties with afternoon breezes.

Expect High winds to possibly close the highway on the following days. Estimates are for winds at Cameron Lake based on the UWash high resolution Models. We’ll see if this is accurate.

  • Thursday afternoon (40kph)
  • Friday afternoon (possibly higher than 40kph)

The high resolution forecasts are the only ones that can get the detail of the Cameron Lake area. However, they only reach out 2 days ahead so I’ll try to update these posts regularly as it appears the Ministry of Transportation is going to remain very sensitive to high wind conditions at the worksite.