Sat. Dec 15th, 2018

Regular updates are back! Thunder in the Valley Forecast! Good Saturday, Iffy Sunday!

  • Vancouver Island Inland Sections Forecast - No watches or warnings in effect.

    Forecast Issued 11:00 AM PST Saturday 15 December 2018 - Saturday: Cloudy with 40 percent chance of showers. High 6. Saturday night: Rain. Amount 10 to 20 mm. Low plus 4. Sunday: Rain. Amount 20 mm. High 6. Sunday night: Rain. Low 6. Monday: Rain. High 7. Monday night: Rain. Low 6. Tuesday: Rain. High 7. Tuesday night: Rain. Low 7. Wednesday: Rain. High 8. Wednesday night: Rain. Low plus 5. Thursday: Periods of rain. High 7. Thursday night: Cloudy. Low plus 2. Friday: Cloudy with 60 percent chance of showers. High 6.

  • Current Conditions
    5.6° C
    -0.2 ° C/hr
    100.97 kPa
    N/A 0.0 km/h
    gusting 0.0 km/h
    95 %
    Rain Rate
    0.0 mm/hr
    Wind Chill
    5.6° C
    Heat Index
    5.6° C
    4.9° C
    10 W/m2
    Last Updated: 15:35:00 PDT
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  • Day Almanac
    Day's Rain
    0.5 mm
    Day ET
    0.0 mm mm
    Rain Storm
    NotAvailable mm
    Civil Rise
    Moon Phase
    First quarter (55% full)
    Civil Set
    Day Length
    Day High
    5.8° C @ 14:42 Tdy.
    Day Low
    2.5° C @ 07:33 Tdy.
    Day High Rain Rate
    Day High Barometer
    101.42 kPa @ 07:28 Tdy.
    Day Low Barometer
    100.97 kPa @ 15:29 Tdy.
    Day Low Windchill
    1.1° C @ 01:31 Tdy.
    Day High Heat Index
    5.8° C @ 14:42 Tdy.
    Day High Wind Gust
    S 7.5km/h @ 02:05 Tdy.
    Day High Solar Radiation
    84W/m2 @ 12:29 Tdy.
    Day High UV Index
    0.5 @ 09:47 Tdy.

While I got home from vacation last Tuesday, this is the first day I am back on the bus ? to work! So that means I have my normal time slot for Alberniweather blogging back! 🙂

For better or worse, the weather has not changed much since last week mainly due to the strong ridge of high pressure keeping it clear, and the smoke keeping temperatures down quite a few degrees below what they otherwise would have been depending where you were in the Valley and how much smoke there was.

That said, after a few more days of sun and smoke, change is coming, and it is bad news for Thunder in the Valley last day and the Five Acre Shaker late Saturday and early Sunday.

Saturday Clouds but should stay Dry

The change in weather will actually begin Friday night and Saturday morning as prevailing northwesterly winds supporting the ridge of high pressure switch over to SouthWesterly.

You can see that switch happening off the coast on the Friday 8PM map below.

We should start to feel that change in wind pattern by around 11AM Saturday morning as a front hits Haida Gwaii but no precipitation on the Island yet.

The front will gradually impact the rest of the Central and South Coast of BC through Saturday evening but we should not feel anything in Port Alberni on Saturday, so that is good news for Thunder in the Valley.  The picture below is for 5-8PM Saturday. The rain has come to northern Vancouver Island but is still well away from the Central Island. Lets hope that that timing holds.

The challenge will come on Sunday.  Here is the 8AM-11AM forecast:

We should expect up to 8mm of rain in Port Alberni. Which would be more than enough to stop the races and put a damper on the final day of the Five Acre Shaker at McLean Mill.

The rain is supposed to stop by 11AM or 12PM on Sunday:

But it won’t be terribly warm so there will be a need for active drying of the Thunder in the Valley track in order to get racing going.

The temperature forecast for that same 11AM-2PM period is between 20-22ºC and partly cloudy.