It’s December and we’re getting some pretty typical December weather.  Plenty of rain is in the forecast along with Wind tomorrow and probably again Thursday or Friday.

Check out the next two images.  They are 3 day (72hr) accumulations of rain Sunday 4PM to Wednesday 4PM, then Wednesday to Saturday.

That is as much as 160mm of rain In the next 6 days. West Coast parts of the Island can expect more than double that. And there is more coming after Saturday as well.

There will also be wind. First on Tuesday, we already have wind warnings up for the East and West sides of the Island. No warnings have been posted for Inland Vancouver Island.

There is also a Fairly strong (984hPa) low pressure centre that will develop offshore and potentially come visit us on Friday.  Right now UWash says it will come ashore south of us, which would mean little wind, but it is worth keeping an eye on the models to see if that changes.

Temperatures will be mild, possibly as hugh as 10°C but likely 5-8°C every day. That is all for now, keep the umbrella handy! Happy Monday!

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