The forecast is really simple today, the rain has already begun well before polls opened at 7AM and it will continue in Port Alberni and most of the South Island until after polls close at 7PM.

Bring your umbrella in case you need to wait outside.

Some tips!

  • In Federal elections you can only vote at your assigned voting place. Check your voting card, or on if you are not sure where you are supposed to vote.
  • The buses are free in many communities today including Port Alberni. So you can hop on any of them to get to the voting place.
  • Your employer must give you 3 consecutive hours to vote! It’s the law.
  • If you haven’t got a voting card or are not registered, check where says you should vote and then go there and register.
  • If you have one piece of government photo ID that confirms your name and address, that’s all you need!
  • If you have two other forms of ID like a letter from the bank or even a prescription bottle that confirms your address you can use any two of those to vote!
  • If you don’t have any of that stuff either but know someone who would vote at the same polling place and has all their ID, go with them and they can vouch for you!
  • If you need a ride, there are a number of services. Look up one of the political party’s phone numbers! They are very eager to give anyone a ride to the polls!
  • Bring your kids! They will like watching you vote!

Have a wonderful day everyone! Democracy is a great thing, even in the rain!

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