Update: Road is now expected to open at 5PM this afternoon (Aug 9). Keep checking DriveBC for updates.

Quick Update. As you will have seen from the DriveBC status on the front-page and menu bar, the road was closed this morning and will remain closed through the day. The next update is scheduled at 5PM, there are reports it could be closed until at least midnight tonight. We had just 10mm of rain over the past 24 hrs. If this causes dangerous conditions, imagine what 50mm will do in November.

We need the railway rebuilt and the route to Lake Cowichan chip sealed as they are doing to Bamfield right now. After that, the route to Courtenay through Comox Lake should be next. (I know the Horne Lake is the popular alternative, but I strongly believe the elevation, weather, and route around the lake and through the park would make it even more treacherous than Highway 4.)

We should stay dry for the next few days and it will heat up again this weekend.

Take care out there.

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