Rain, Warm temperatures, possible local flooding, and website changes

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    Forecast Issued 4:00 PM PST Tuesday 23 January 2018 Tuesday night: Showers. Low plus 3. Wednesday: A few showers ending in the morning then cloudy. A few showers beginning late in the afternoon. High plus 5. Wednesday night: Showers. Low plus 2. Thursday: Showers. High plus 4. Thursday night: Showers. Low plus 2. Friday: Cloudy with 60 percent chance of showers. High plus 5. Friday night: Rain. Low plus 1. Saturday: Rain. High plus 5. Saturday night: Rain. Low plus 5. Sunday: Rain. High 8. Sunday night: Rain. Low plus 4. Monday: Rain. High 8.

  • Today’s conditions as of 48 years ago at 11:33 am on December 31, 1969

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    Still image of the Live Webcam
    N 49° 14′ 46.1″ :: W 124° 47′ 60″ at 30 m Google View

Apologies for the sparse posting of late. You can blame a combination of having to drive all the way into work, thus taking away bus time which is when I usually post, and working on the website in the backend. Good News! Weather stats should now update everytime you come to the webpage as long as it is a new window. Finally tracked down that bug! More on changes at the bottom of this post.

There is a whole bunch more rain coming as an “Atmospheric River” sets up overtop of us once again!

The next 24hrs will see the most rain this week. You can see below we are in for up to 65mm.

Tomorrow’s (Wednesday) total will be closer to 30mm

That will be the end of most of the action. It will still feel pretty rainy but it won’t be a deluge.

That said, with temperatures potentially as high as 14°C tomorrow, we could have a bunch of snow melt at higher elevations which could make rivers dangerous. Be on the lookout for local flooding and messages from the River Forecast centre.

I will be continuing to make changes to the website here to bring as much detail into the weather numbers, and live updates, as I can. I have changed from the software that I have used since 2005 at home to interface with my weather station hardware. The software hadn’t been updated for a long time and more and more issues were cropping up. The new software will give me a few new capabilities but I have a learning curve in front of me on how to best make things work and squeeze the most out of the system.


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