Rain today – But when will it snow!? My guess is end of December.

Soggy morning ending soon.

The rain this morning should end be noon for most places as the system moves through.

We should dry out this afternoon and stay dry through Wednesday but rain will return Thursday afternoon.

Contest entries are closed, so when do I think it will snow?

I’ve received more than 60 entries in the contest! Thanks everyone! And thanks to Healthy Habits, Boomerangs, Naesgaard’s and One Tree Health for providing gift certificates and gift baskets.

Probably not November.

As for when we might see some snow, the long range models at SpotX don’t look to optimistic for us getting below zero before the end of the month.

It does has us below 5°C so depending on air patterns and heaviness of precipitation we could see some wet snow in the air or on the mountain, but accumulating on the ground in Port Alberni seems unlikely.

Maybe December?

Our general pattern is to get some serious storm rains in the fall before we get into any possibility of snow. We definitely have not had those stormy rain events yet as the jetstream has been locked and looked over top of us for most of the past month.

That makes me think that December might be wet, rather than cold.

I’m going for December 28

Last year we didn’t have measurable snow until the first week of January, this was pretty unusual.

I think we’re very likely to see that again. With warm water lingering off the coast and the jetstream being completely unpredictable thanks to persistent very low ice conditions in the Arctic, I think our cold and snowy days are effectively being pushed further into the new year, and compressed into a much shorter period.

Happy Tuesday!

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