October 18, 2021

Rain begins today… goes through stormy Friday.

We had some showers overnight but the main rain should start within the next hour or two.


The rain will peak in the afternoon and taper off later tonight.  The next system will follow quickly behind starting before 1AM tonight.


We may get some wind along with it to start.  It will blow through quickly and then another wave will come late Thursday morning or early afternoon.


It will last through Thursday afternoon and then taper off Thursday night.

And finally for Friday the rain will start up again in the morning and we will get our most intense rain of the week Friday noontime.


The totals for each day will be up to 30mm to between wednesday and thursday 4AM, 4mm to Friday, and 60mm to Saturday.

There may be wet snow to start on Sutton pass but overall it should be warm enough to stay wet.

Happy Hump day!