Power out since 11AM


If you’re looking for the live weather stats unfortunately they will not be back until power is restored at Alberniweather. The weather station has a long lasting backup battery but the computer and network gear do not. When power comes back, everything *should* return fairly quickly and automatically except the webcam which will need to be manually reset.

High Winds biggest feature so far

Before the outage, we had a high wind gust of 64kph at 9:20AM. We’ll see when the power comes back and the weather records are backfilled whether we had any more gusts afterward.


While it has been raining we have not had much in the rain gauge. Only 2mm recorded so far. 17mm has been recorded at the Airport.

Front passes this afternoon.

You should see the back of the front pass over Port Alberni this afternoon. By 5PM all the active weather is expected to be south of Port Alberni and continuing to move down south tonight.

Variable until Saturday night

We should see scattered clouds and showers over Friday and Saturday as we await the next system to come over the Island late Saturday night and into Sunday morning.

This might feature some gusty winds and pockets of heavy rains, particularly on the West Coast.

Halloween Looks Dry!

Halloween Monday should be pretty good, just a chance of showers but mostly in the morning, less in the evening. It might feel a little cool, but spooky.

It’s still very dry out, please consider not using any fireworks this year.

Happy Weekend!

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