Possible snow Monday morning? A first look at Christmas.

There will be some showers lingering in the area tonight and into Saturday morning but we should see some sunny breaks on Saturday as it cools down again near zero.

Saturday night should be clear and cold and as clouds move back in on Sunday this will set us up for possible snow Sunday night and into Monday morning.

We could wake up to a winter wonderland on Monday morning. Let’s prepare accordingly! 🙂

What about Christmas?

We are still a few days away from getting into detailed forecasts, but it’s in the 16 day extra long forecast window so we can see that after this weekend the temperatures are staying in a pretty tight band between about 1ºC and 5ºC through to the 28th.

That makes any kind of snow pretty unlikely except maybe as sleet on the Hump or Sutton Pass.

There is precipitation in the forecast for the entire last half of the month as well but it’s not a whole bunch. Sort of dribs and drabs day by day, again, not a likely formula for snow.

So if I had to lay my bets, I’d say it is unlikely we will have any measurable snowfall before the New Year.

But hey, now that I’ve said it, maybe I’ve jinxed it depending on your point of view. 🙂

Happy 2nd to last weekend before Christmas!!

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