Poor air quality to continue. Smoke spreads across North America. COVID numbers up.

Smoke forecasts prove very difficult

If there is one thing we have learned about this wildfire Smoke is it is very difficult to figure out where it is going. We remain in the thick of it today. ENV. Canada is expecting the “widespread smoke” to continue through Wednesday but doesn’t mention later on. This may be because they think it will lift. Or because they will not predict any further out.

Here is a model forecast from NOAA/NASA showing the plume stretching across the continent.

If you look in our area it doesn’t seem too bad. So maybe we will see it lighten a little tonight.

Showers now through Friday

There is now a chance of showers every day. Expect the strongest rain showers to happen Friday. Otherwise they will be on and off. Temperatures are likely to stay in the mid-to-high teens as long as the smoke sticks around.

COVID active cases now double spring. Hospitalization spike.

The number of cases continue to rise in BC. Active cases are now effectively double what they were at the peak in March. The hospitalization rate is rising as well which is more concerning we are now back over 50 people in hospital. The highest since May.

We have had a spike in deaths as well tragically. Please stay safe out there. Check the latest Air Quality readings on the homepage here or head over to the UNBC map.

Take care and stay inside in a well circulated area if you can.

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