Off and on Week but Thanksgiving looks a little soggy.

Showers and rain will be the order of the day for most of the week so it’s probably easier to tell you when it’s *not* going to rain.

This morning’s showers should end in Port Alberni around noon. But it is a small gap between this morning and this afternoon’s bands of rain.

Showers will begin mid-afternoon and then end for a few hours around 4PM.

Rain will return overnight and into early Wednesday morning but we get a chance to dry out after sunrise on Wednesday.

There might be some brief scattered showers on Wednesday throughout the day but for the most part it should stay dry.

Thursday looks completely dry right now! However, hang on to your hats as Friday we have a strong rain system sliding down the Island starting first thing Friday morning.

It will produce rain and possible gusty winds throughout the day Friday.

Saturday we have yet another blob coming at us in the morning and afternoon.

Sunday looks strange, possibly thunderstormy.

The Island dries out again for Thanksgiving Monday but expect more rain next week.

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