More Snow Contest Prizes! Showers Wednesday morning then dry through the weekend!

Don’t forget to enter the Snow Contest!

We have two prize offers so far! One from Kari at Healthy Habits for a gift package and one from Darren at Boomerangs for a $25 gift certificate! If any other businesses would like to offer something please get in touch! 🙂

As for the weather… it is a changin’!
We are drying out this week.  There is only a small band of showers expected to come through early Wednesday morning between about 3AM and 7AM.

Showers will linger in the mountains for the rest of the morning and maybe into the afternoon but that should be it.

After Wednesday, there is no moisture on the forecast charts through to Monday! There is a slight hint of showers for Halloween next week, but nothing major.

The beginning of November does look a little… chilly!

Have a great day, enjoy the sun when it comes out, and don’t forget to get your entry in before Halloween!

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