More rain on the way and possible Thunder Thursday too! Break Friday.

The stars are out as I type this but the thunder gods aren’t far away either according to friends on the West Coast!

There is a whole bunch of lightning on the map right now even though we can’t hear any in Port Alberni.

Last nights model forecast expected lots of rain and activity overnight across the South Island and we should get mor rain and possible thunderstorms in Port Alberni as well in the next few hours.

Looks like a band of strong showers just to the east along the Mt Arrowsmith massif.

The rain will continue throughout the day tto day and get very heavy again overnight. Here is 8-11PM picture.

Rain Scale – Millimeters on top, centi-inches on bottom. (1024cin = 10 inches)

The main front of the rain hits a few hours later, in the 2-5AM period Friday morning.

Expect wind along with this front overnight Thursday and into Friday morning as well.

We have had 46 mm fall so far. See the “Storm Rain” in the Almanac which keeps rising regardless of days as long as there is less than 3 hour breaks between rain measurements. I expect we will see that number get up to 100mm before we get a good long break on Friday.

The rain will return on Saturday afternoon and evening!

Keep your ears peeled for Thunder today! Happy Thunder Thursday!

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