Bombogenesis ongoing, again.

Wind warnings have been issued for West and East Island, winds could get up to 80-100kph on exposed areas. A special weather statement is up for Inland and other areas for winds up to 70kph.

Once again we have a strong system coming our way this week and it’s going to bring even more wind and rain. But this time the strongest low will head toward Haida Gwaii. You can see it forming off the north end of Vancouver Island in the picture below.

You’ll also see a kind of child low forming to the south of us off of Oregon.

By Monday night the northerly low has bombed into a very strong storm at 96.7kPa and the southern low is moving up the coast in our direction ready to deliver strong wind and rain.

Rain off and on Monday before stormy weather

We get a reasonable start with only scattered showers most of Monday but there is more starting by the afternoon on the West and North Island.

Rain starts on the South Island in the evening Monday, and so does the wind. It looks by the map below that the strongest wind and rain will be just before midnight on Monday and moving into Tuesday morning.

The front moves onto the mainland by 10AM on Tuesday. We should get a few breaks from the rain through Tuesday.

Batten down the hatches once again!

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