Monday morning shower but Fire Rating to Extreme by Wednesday

Short post.

We got just enough precipitation this morning to wet the ground and soak the gardens. Thank you for that rain gods!

It will clear up this afternoon. The wet ground will likely add to the humidity and make it feel hotter than the 25ºC that we get up to.

Expect Sun and 32ºC Tuesday and 34ºC Wednesday and then 29ªC Thursday. Wow. Fast!

We should drop back down to seasonal temperatures on the weekend around 20ºC but staying sunny. There is very little rain in the forecast all the way to the 25th.

Fire Rating to Extreme

Our current fire danger of High is forecast by the BC Wildfire service to go to Extreme on Wednesday June 12. It will for other parts of the Island as well.

Take care out there.

Happy Monday!

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