Mixed but spring like Weather Week – Alberniweather style stats back online

  • Vancouver Island Inland Sections Forecast - No watches or warnings in effect.

    Forecast Issued 4:00 PM PDT Tuesday 20 March 2018 - Tuesday night: Cloudy. Periods of rain beginning before morning. Low plus 4. Wednesday: Periods of rain. High 9. Wednesday night: Periods of rain. Low plus 5. Thursday: Rain. High 7. Thursday night: Rain showers or flurries. Low plus 1. Friday: Snow or rain. High 6. Friday night: Showers. Low zero. Saturday: Rain. High 7. Saturday night: Cloudy periods. Low plus 2. Sunday: Cloudy with 60 percent chance of showers. High 9. Sunday night: Cloudy with 60 percent chance of showers. Low plus 2. Monday: A mix of sun and cloud. High 11.

  • Current Conditions
    9.6° C
    -0.6 ° C/hr
    101.41 kPa
    SSW 9.3 km/h
    gusting 19.3 km/h
    72 %
    Rain Rate
    0.0 mm/hr
    Wind Chill
    8.2° C
    Heat Index
    9.6° C
    4.8° C
    96 W/m2
    Last Updated: 18:10:00 PDT
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  • Day Almanac
    Day's Rain
    0.0 mm
    Day ET
    0.0 mm mm
    Rain Storm
    NotAvailable mm
    Civil Rise
    Moon Phase
    Waxing crescent (14% full)
    Civil Set
    Day Length
    Day High
    11.6° C @ 16:28 Tdy.
    Day Low
    3.2° C @ 02:34 Tdy.
    Day High Rain Rate
    Day High Barometer
    102.15 kPa @ 00:00 Tdy.
    Day Low Barometer
    101.41 kPa @ 17:59 Tdy.
    Day Low Windchill
    3.2° C @ 02:34 Tdy.
    Day High Heat Index
    11.6° C @ 16:28 Tdy.
    Day High Wind Gust
    S 12.9km/h @ 17:10 Tdy.
    Day High Solar Radiation
    925W/m2 @ 14:17 Tdy.
    Day High UV Index
    3.2 @ 14:22 Tdy.

Lots of good news to share today!

First, the weather this week is looking quite nice and springlike! There will be a chance of isolated showers today and some clouds, but it should feel quite pleasant and there is no precipitation in the forecast for Tuesday or Wednesday.

Here are the temperatures maps for the gradually warmer afternoons of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Wednesday shows highs between 9-13°C! 🙂

And here is some more good news! After being hugely frustrated with the new dials that were on the site and the backend software being not up to the standard I, and you, have expected over the past 10 years, I finally got a chance to sit down and work on it on Sunday and restore a bunch of the functionality lost back in December.

I have lots more work to do but I feel like I have really gotten over a big hurdle that has bugged me for months and frankly I know it has hurt my viewership here too as there was not nearly as much useful and up to date information. Thanks for your patience all this time. I promise to keep working on it to make it even better and make Alberniweather again the #1 place for people to look for current weather conditions in Port Alberni!

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