I try to keep my Council hat and Weather Hobbyist hat fairly separate, but I know there is some overlap…. so on Monday when I received the best thing I have ever received in my little mailbox at City Hall ever, and it included both weather and city stuff.  Well, it was just the best.

Thank You Matthew, Ahnaka and Dylan*!!!  This absolutely made my day and week. And thanks to all of the kids from JP2 school, I think all the councillors and the Mayor felt the same way.

This was the best thing ever, and not only because my favourite weather is lightning storms too!! ⚡⚡??

Spring is a great time for thunderstorms, maybe we will get one soon!

Thank you so much. This post will be categorized as “Storm” because of course it will be! 🙂

* I hope I spelled your names right! Please tell me if I didn’t!

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