If you were anything like me, and I know a bunch of your are πŸ™‚ you spent your day today checking out the window wondering where the flakes were (aside from inside hah!)

Well, they have come!

It is now snowing and pretty hard! It’s not exactly accumulating fast, but I could certainly see 20cm out of this if it lasted full on for 12 hours, perhaps more.

Even though we got off to a late start I think the forecast is still pretty solid. The models remain consistent on the first threat of changing to rain or freezing rain early Wednesday morning around 6AM.

After that we have a period of time through Wednesday where it will all depend I think on the wind.

The models say we will stay near 0 to 2C which could support snow, and it will remain cold aloft. It’s not until Thursday morning that the air turns warm above and all chance for snow is washed away.

Be careful out there. The snow is thick in the air and there is possibility for strong winds which could cause whiteout conditions. I’m thinking particularly near Cameron Lake and Sutton Pass.

Enjoy the snow. Have fun. Stay Safe. Pray for a Snow Day. πŸ˜‰

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31 thoughts on “Late Start, Forecast still solid

  1. And thanks Eve for your concern. πŸ™‚ No worries. Tuesday is always a busy day around here. It was snowing as I came over the hump but still not quite sticking to the road.

    Stay safe everyone. And post updates here in the comments if you see anything safety or weather wise you think warrants a heads up.

  2. Just got a report in from Langford. They have 2.5in so far! Been snowing since about 5PM just like here, but big flakes.

    I think maybe they might turn to rain a lot sooner than us, so even though they’re ahead of us now, we might still win the marathon πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks for your reassurance Chris, my 14 year old son was starting to tease me that he was right and I was wrong – and we certainly can’t have that! It’s sure coming down pretty good now, but I kind of doubt the cold air will hang on much past tomorrow morning. It’ll be hard not to stay up all night watching it though!

  4. Im so excited..we just came in for some coffee and heading back out..still have my snow pants on from this morning…yipee

  5. Ya, I might tooo have a “little” problem with the staying up all night thing (nose planted firmly against the window, with flashlight in hand, fiercely wiping the exhaust of my breath from the window, yeah ’cause I MIGHT MISS SOMETHING……..Yikes, a little obsessive compulsive, don’t cha think?……….At least I can admit it, apparently that’s the first step? I’ve been doing this for probably 45 years………something tells me there’s no help for this addiction.

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    You can also “like” posts, and whatnot πŸ™‚

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  7. Only 3cm in North Port near Kitsuksis Creek at the trestle. You know, looking at all the satellite images I can find, I really don’t think there’s enough moisture left out there to give us more than a few more cm.

  8. It certainly does look like that by the satellite pictures doesn’t it Bill. The front looks to be passing.

    I’m thinking maybe we’re missing something. Every model and every forecast calls for this not to stop until the Afternoon, either as snow or rain.

    But what I”m seeing is a big break in the front a couple hours away… are they maybe just anticipating a constant flow? Almost a lake effect from the West?

    I’m not sure. Weather is still a mystery to me that’s for sure!

  9. 275,000 was EVE..LOL..im guilty too. But seriously..WOW thats alot..congrats Chris, your the best

  10. Are you making fun of meeee? I should be sleeping. Congrats Chris…….Linda, I hope your snow pants give you chafe, or something equivalent………….lol

  11. one of my ukee contacts just told me it has already changed to rain out there. Messy morning ahead!

  12. 19cm here in Duncan. Over 20cm in parts of the cowichan valley. I know shawnigan lake was at 19cm a few hours ago and it has been snowing hard since. Might be closing in on 1 foot by the time the rain mixes in.

  13. We got maybe 2 inches here right now. Sounds like it is snowing again, but my rain gauge is showing 4+mm/hr. Listening to the scanner, sounds like Emcon is getting just a wee bit overwhelmed trying to keep the roads clear. Be interesting to see what morning brings us.

  14. another sproat lake update. snowfall is heavier, flakes are much larger, indicating warm air is starting to move in. I now have 21.5 cm (10 inches plus!!!) and no sign of a let up.

    the wind has picked up big time in ukee, rain over slushy snow, trucks can’t even leave the dock, let alone leave town.

    So glad i don’t have to go anywhere in the next 36 hours or so πŸ™‚ Hope all of you who do, drive carefully and stay safe.

  15. Just heard it’s closed. Teachers are expected to make it but kids have a snow day! Are we to get another 10cm this morning as EC says?

  16. 30-35cm here in duncan. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Shawnigan Lake area has somthing around 40cm, as they usually get a lot more out there.

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