June! The week and month ahead and the end of the Facebook page.

Welcome to the start of Meteorological Summer!

Can you believe it is already June? I have been working from home since March 16. That’s two and a half months already. It seems like an incredibly long time. But here we are into another month, and the start of summer at least for us weather data nerds! 🙂

I will have a recap for May up in the coming hours or day that will include a look at Spring 2020 and what to expect this summer.

This will be the final Alberniweather post on FB.

Last week I ran a poll of sorts on the Facebook page to see how people might react if there was no FB presence.

I asked whether people would still visit the website if the FB page did not exist. Thank you, everyone, for the responses. I tracked them in a spreadsheet, of course.

A majority said they would not go to or remember to visit the website, which is what I thought might be the result. That makes today’s announcement more difficult.

I can’t personally support Facebook any longer. There are simply too many things that the company is doing, and stands for, and does to people, that I personally cannot support. Here are a few:

Cambridge Analytic. Election Interference. Lying about privacy of users. The psychological impact of Facebook. The lack of concern and control of the spread of hate. Profiting from spreading fear and misinformation and calling it freedom of speech. Inciting Violence.

So this will be the last post published on my Facebook page. I will unpublish the page, which will remove it from view, later today.

How to get updates.

My greatest concern, and confirmed by the poll, is that I will no longer reach many people who rely on Facebook to notify them of updates on the blog.

I have made some enhancements to the website that allow you to be notified through your web browser if you are on a computer or Android device. There is also a spot on the side of this page or the bottom of this post where you can sign up to receive updates by email.

On iPhone you can also save this website on your Home Screen so you can remember to visit it.

This website flourished before entering the world of Facebook and so I hope to see it flourish once again.

And of course, nothing will prevent you from sharing the links to these blog posts on your Facebook if you would like to. I will miss the conversations and sharing immediate updates with you on FB. You will still be able to leave comments on posts here and look for more updates on Twitter too.

Now. Onto the weather! A mixed start to the month.

The forecast has a little bit of everything in it this week as we go from partly sunny today to clouds and rain Tuesday and back to sun later in the week.

Below is the imagery showing showers starting in the 5-8AM period Tuesday morning.

Expect rain and showers to continue until nearly 5PM Tuesday. Skies should clear a bit before sundown. Maybe we’ll get a nice sunset!

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday look dry and pleasant with Thursday being the hottest of the days. We get back into unsettled showers on the weekend.

We should see a gradual increase in temperatures through the month I’ll have more details in the May 2020 recap coming up later today or tomorrow.

Have a great Monday and remember to stay vigilant and kind on COVID19. 🙂

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12 thoughts on “June! The week and month ahead and the end of the Facebook page.

  1. Hey Chris I fully support you with no more FB. I am on my way out as well. Good responsible move in my opinion. Keep up the good work in these difficult times.


  2. Thoroughly enjoy the service you provide. Great support for us Sproat Lakers. Thank you.

  3. Thank you Tom and Peter! Just the fact both of you commented on the post so quickly brings me a great sense of relief. Alberniweather isn’t going anywhere. 🙂

  4. Hi , Chris. I do not have a Iphone…or android…or any of that stuff….I do not have a dishwasher or a microwave either….so ….?? Email??

  5. Chris- congratulations on your Facebook decision. I always use this site as I have never been on Facebook for the reasons you’ve cited and many other reasons as well. I appreciate the effort you put into this site. Keep up the good work!

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