June 2020 Summary – The most Average of Junes

A very rainy, but not quite record rainy, month.

The Alberniweather and Alberni Valley Climate Summary for June 2020

April, May, and now June were all notable for how average they were and June 2020 took the crown as it managed to avoid setting any new marks at all at the Alberni Airport. In the 5 years or so that I’ve been doing these summaries, I can’t remember the last time a month failed to set a record.

Rainfall was a little more than normal in the City but less than normal at the Airport. So again, it evens out to be pretty average. Days of rain recorded at the Airport were close to normal for the 1981-2010 period.

Story of the Month

Ignoring the pandemic, because didn’t we all by June? The biggest story may not have been on our own shores but in Mexico where a strong earthquake generated small Tsunami in the Central America region and briefly activated Tsunami centres across the Pacific.

That’s it for this month’s summary! Details and records below!

Daily and All Time Records Set

Set at the Airport* since 1994 and compared to other stations** for “All Time” since 1900.

No new highs or lows were set at the Airport in June 2020!

  • None

City Station Comparisons

Mean Min, Mean, and Mean Max Temperature, 
Total Precipitation and Highest Wind

  • Alberniweather: 11.6 ºC, 15.7 ºC, 21.0 ºC66.5 mm , S 40.2 kph on 21st
  • Alberni Elem. : 11.4 ºC, 15.5 ºC, 20.6 ºC, 81.0 mm, S, NE, ENE 25 kph on 21st, 28th, 29th
  • Maquinna Elem.: 11.2 ºC, 15.1 ºC, 20.4 ºC, 77.7 mm, NNE, S 27 kph on 7th, 8th
  • Neptune: 11.4 ºC, 15.4 ºC, 20.9 ºCNA*** , NA*~
  • Nick’s (Maq area): 11.0 ºC, 15.0 ºC, 19.9 ºC60.0 mm, NA*~~

City and Airport
Compared to Normal

Differences from Normal (1971-2000) in the City

+2.7° C, +0.8º C, +0.1 ºC22.4 mm (145%)

This Month’s Average City Values

Differences from Normal (1981-2010) at the Airport

+1.0° C, -0.3º C, -1.4º C -18.0 mm (79%)

This Month’s Average Airport Values

Official Days of Precipitation at Airport*

Normal DaysDays This Month
>= 0.2 mm: 13.1 :  14
>= 5 mm:  4.2 : 3
>= 10 mm: 1.7 : 1
>= 25 mm: 0.36 : 0

* May have used backup Environment Canada Data source at WeatherStats.ca or Missing Data (January 2020)

**^^ Missing Data from Airport, Alberniweather broke existing Airport record temperature. Temperature at Alberniweather will be different. Usually Alberniweather underestimates temperatures in summer compared to Airport.

** Short Term means since 1995 at the new AVRA Airport.  Airport Records are compared to the 30+ year weather stations of record since 1900 (1895 for rain) at Beaver Creek, Port Alberni "City" and Robertson Creek.  Note that records pre 1950 may be more likely to over-estimate high temperatures.

***Rain gauge faulty. ****Alberni Elementary station offline.

*~ Neptune Station is quite protected from wind at all directions so I have omitted its values. 

*~~ Only partial values captured this month so omitting this data.

^Estimated amount, as new rain gauge installed on the 7th, used Alberni Elementary totals before that date.

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