It’s a Sun Dog or Parhelion – kind of morning!

Perfect morning this morning as I woke up to the birds at 5:15AM and plenty of light already in the sky.  By 7:30AM a sundog, or properly known as a parhelion, had formed on the left side of the sun especially.

That sundog is an indication of another wonderful warm day!  Here’s what to expect on what also happens to be the first week of softball in Port Alberni!  The boys and girls of summer will be warming up fast today!

Below are the afternoon temperatures for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Tuesday (above) shows the Alberni and Cowichan Valley reaching into the 22-24ºC (mid-pink) range though notice the Fraser Valley is into the 24-26ºC (light-pink) range so there is a possibility we get there as well.

On Wednesday (above) the temperature ratchets up a little… with the 24-26ºC light pink areas showing clearly in the Alberni Valley and spreading through alsmost the entire Fraser Valley.

On Thursday (above) the heat peaks as does the temperature difference between the West side of the Island and the East side.  Temperatures in the Valleys are solid white… above 26ºC.

But look at the difference between the ocean on the west (left) side of the island and the Strait of Georgia on the East side of the Island.

Expect fog on the West Coast starting Thursday for sure! And we may also see strong inflow winds up the Alberni Inlet as that west to east temperature gradient drives the wind onshore.

Enjoy the sun and heat!  Gets that laundry on the line!  Go find your sunglasses and sunscreen if you’re going to be outside at all!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!  And welcome to our first taste of Summer!

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