I love graphs on even the worst days… but today I love graphs because this graph has something to love!!

Ya, we gotta get through the next 18 hours or so as this latest bit of rain and coolness gets done but once it’s done tonight and overnight, then it’s nothing but cleaning skies and warming temperatures for the next week!

As you can see from the bottom part of the chart above, we should be cloud free for the majority of the time.  There might be a couple days were we get lingering fog in the morning but we should be warm and sunny every afternoon from Sunday through to next Thursday!

The UWash model is very optimistic for Thursday, getting perhaps into the mid-20s

(I believe they change their temperature scale at UWash to the ‘summer scale’ on May 1… which is good we need the upper reaches).

I would expect us to be at or above 15ºC from Sunday on and might hit 20ºC as soon as Tuesday. Maybe Monday if we’re lucky.

The gardens are going to love it!

Some very very light moisture might creep back in this time next week but at this point it does not look like anything that will actually make anything wet.

I think we might actually be able to say May is here a little early!  Lets enjoy it before Junuary comes! 😀

Happy FRIDAY! 🙂

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  1. Actually, the predicted highs of 20+C are summer temperatures on Vancouver Island. It’s been spring since the snow melted and the crocus flowers bloomed in late Feb.

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