Just noticed the southerly winds up the Inlet have kicked in and dramatically improved the air quality and reduced the pm2.5 readings. We went from 40ug/m3 and an AQI of over 100 to 7ug/m3 and AQI below 30 in just the past hour.

We are blessed by our geography! I would expect the Smoky Skies Bulletin to remain though since the smoke could very well come back within its 24-48hr period.

There is still high level smoke in the atmosphere so if the winds die down we may see that smoke sink down on top of us again (as predicted by firesmoke.ca), but for now at least we have a bit of a reprieve and it looks like we can expect SouthWesterlies in the afternoons for the next few days so we should see our Air Quality get worse overnight and then improve each day once those winds kick in.

Below is the picture for early Tuesday morning. Looks like those winds will punch a nice pocket into the smoke!

Possible dry lightning Tuesday

There is unfortunately a possibility of Thunderstorm activity on the Island on Tuesday afternoon. It’s always hard to say where exactly but mid-to-north Island is most likely. There might be a little bit of rain associated with it and stretching into Wednesday but it will be very minimal. Not enough to bother any fire that is started by the lightning (or anyone else).

Stay vigilant, if you see smoke, call it in to 911 or BC Wildfire (1-800-663-5555 or *5555 on a cell)

Stay safe out there.

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