I’ve been preparing for a backpacking trip up to Cape Scott on Monday. So this post will be as much about Port Alberni and the South Island as it will about the North Island so my family can imagine when my son and I are soaked with rain or basking on a beach in 19°C sun.

Hottest day Monday – Even on West Coast

No matter where you are on the Island It is going to be very hot on Monday. This weekend’s heat was just a warmup. Except highs of 32°C on Monday with a possible Humidex as high as 35.

The only exception might on the beaches of the West and North Island as fog rolls in but the model shows dry air reaching all the way out to the Pacific Rim Park Reserve (yellows and light blues)

The only exception might be the Port Renfrew area. Reminder: all backcountry areas of the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve are Closed.

The north end of the Island is not as hot of course and definitely looks like fog will move in overnight but the fog might lift after noon for our hike from San Joseph to Nels Bight. Below is the 2-5PM Judi it’s for the Island.

Tuesday through Friday warm and sunny on South Island.

The forecast is easy for the rest of the week. It should stay below 30°C but it should also stay warm, sunny and pleasant all week on the central and South Island right into the next weekend.

Go Comet Watching!

It should be ideal NEOWISE Comet watching weather so get out there after sunset and check it out if you haven’t already! You won’t be able to see NEOWISE for another 6900 years! 🙂

North Island a little Variable but seems mostly Dry.

The North end of the Island goes from high chance of fog in the evenings and night to possible clearing during the day time. Fingers crossed!

The only serious chance of precipitation looks to be for very light showers Tuesday morning as a disturbance moves into the Central Coast of B.C. early Tuesday morning.

Another stronger chance of rain emerges Thursday morning as well which might make for a wet hike back to the car and drive home but that’s OK!

The patchy showers continue up there on Friday but everything goes dry again Saturday.

In all, I am feeling pretty lucky to have the forecast we do for the trip up north. Hope everyone down here enjoys the heat! See you when we get back. I will post pictures, if there are any good ones to share! 🙂

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