Go get the WildfireBC App

I was looking for information about the fire online on my laptop and there was nothing on their map… but I downloaded the official WIldfireBC App (for Apple or Google) and it popped right up.

For the love of all things, especially the outdoors that we all play in, PLEASE be careful out there. While campfires are allowed, please avoid using them. If you are running ATVs or other vehicles with hot exhausts, please bring water and watch for spot fires. It takes very little to start a fire in the bush these days, especially near clear cuts and on the roads.

Fire Danger Low to Moderate

They have changed how they display the fire danger ratings. There used to be an easy way to see the fire forecast but I’m not finding that right now. Here is the current map:

I would expect that by Monday or Tuesday most of the Island will be at a Moderate rating and the Alberni Valley may get into High territory. We’ll see. Hopefully the nights stay cool and we get some fog to keep things wet.

Stay safe out there and have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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