Hot for two more days then possible major (flooding?) rain? And New Webcam Goggles!

As you can see below, we have two more days of heat then it will cool off.

Here is todays afternoon highs:

wa_tsfc.24.0000-8And here is Friday.


Big change.

There is also some very significant rainfall possible on Friday but strangely, only for the southern portions of Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland.

Here is the 24hr from Thursday evening to Friday evening.  Most of this is falling Friday morning and afternoon.

wa_pcp24.72.0000Up to 65mm of rain in less than 12 hours for Vancouver could be problematic to say the least.  We will have to keep a close eye on this, not only for totals but for location.  Currently, we are on the northern edge of the system and look like we won’t get much, but this could obviously change.

The UWash model is the most dramatic with this potential.  Other Canadian and US models only have up to 20 or 30mm of rain for the Vancouver area.  I will wait until tomorrow to post a detailed hourly breakdown.  Rain is good.  But a ton of rain all at once can cause as many problems as it solves.

New Webcam Goggles!

You probably noticed the webcam on the sidebar has changed a bit!



You no doubt noticed over the past couple months that one of my webcams was at the end of its life.  It has all sorts of corrupted images, half images, etc.  Well.  In the past two days I received two packages.  One package was a new camera (they are all used Olympus SP-500UZ cameras from eBay) and the other package was a pair of macro wide angle lenses.  Thus, the new “goggle” look.

I’m going to see what kind of post-processing I can do to ‘flatten’ the images so as to reduce the goggle effect but as you can see the field of view is much greater than before.  It is actually wider now than the 180º view I have from my bedroom room.  So this really means I need to get to work on finding, or creating, a special spot for these on my roof.  I have some roofers doing some other work at the end of the month and I am hoping that in the process they will be able to create a hatch for me to easily access the top of my dormer. This will enable me to get up there easily and hopefully find a way to install these cameras so that they have a near 360º view.   Exciting!

You may have also noticed that the time-lapse videos are no longer being updated on Youtube.  Unfortunately Youtube discontinued the service that I was using and they did not provide a replacement.  So I am left without a way to easily, and automatically, upload videos to youtube.  They are still being created on my computer so at some point I will upload them.  But for now, it will just be still images.

Happy Wednesday!

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