Hot and Sunny to start the last week of August! Heads up for showers on Saturday.

Hello Sunshine!

If you’ve been wanting the heat to come back after the past few days of cooler weather you’re in luck.

We will start the week with full sun Monday, Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday with highs between 27-32°C each of those days,

Things shift on Friday as clouds and cooler air push in from the ocean, it might feel a little chilly for the Salmon Festival fireworks on Friday!

Cooler Labour Day weekend

The best chance for rain appears to be Saturday afternoon in the 2-5PM hour.

It may stay along the mountains though so we’ll have to watch for changes in the forecast through the week.

Have a great Monday and oh ya….

Don’t lob nukes at hurricanes it’s a bad idea. 🙂

(Click the pic for some added fun)

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