Environment Canada has issued a Heavy Rainfall Warning for West and Inland Vancouver Island including Port Alberni and especially Lake Cowichan.

It is expected we will receive 50-75mm in Port Alberni by this evening and Lake Cowichan will continue to get more rain overnight with 100-150mm total possible.

Below are the 24hr rainfall accumulations. First up to 4PM Sunday, then up to 4PM Monday.

24hr up to 4PM Sunday
24hr up to 4PM Monday

You can see the shift pretty clearly as the central and north Island emerge from the edge of the atmospheric River this evening while Lake Cowichan and Victoria feel its full brunt until it dissipates Tuesday.

Given the length of time the rain is expected to last and the warm temperatures adding snow melt, there will be a possibility of flooding.

Take care out there, especially if you are driving in the rain.

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