Heavy rain today. A little more Thursday. Beautiful Friday

First: please donate to and share this: http://gofund.me/bcwildfireinfo

Now batten down the hatches! 🙂 We have another rain storm today starting before 11AM.


It will intensify through the afternoon with the heaviest rain occuring first between noon and 1PM and then again between 3-4PM. It might be a little gusty too.

Totals are a little scattered and uncertain as you can see below.


But it looks like we could get anywhere from a low of 8mm to as much as  32mm. I will split the difference an say 16mm will fall through today.

On Thursday expect the same pattern of rain beginning in the morning and lasting until around sundown. It should not be as intense as today but still umbrella weather.

The good news is it will all clear out overnight Thursday and Good Friday looks beautiful!

Happy Hump day!  And if you have not already, please Donate to this cause and get the government to release the wildfire info!



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