The showers this morning should end this morning and we should have a mostly dry day.

However, by afternoon, the clouds and showers will return and they won’t let up until after the weekend.

Friday daytime rain

Rain should start around 10AM Friday.

By Saturday morning values will be mixed, but we could see anywhere up to 50mm of rain depending where you are in the area.


Areas on the west coast are looking at 10 inches in 24hrs between Friday and Saturday morning in red in the map above.  That’s 260mm!  The mountain rivers will surely be running fast.

The model has an interesting pattern showing quite the shadow from the rain.  So I’m not entirely confident in its prediction of 30mm for us.  But we shall see.

Saturday almost as wet.

Things scale back a bit on Saturday through Sunday morning to “only 100mm” for the West Coast and almost nothing predicted for the Valley except showers.


But again it’s a strange prediction so be ready for significantly more than the 8mm it predicts here.

Things should calm down a bit on Sunday but you can still expect some showers.  Then we should get a break on Monday.

Happy Thursday!

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