Heat Warning Ended – Go Catch Mars before the clouds come.

Environment Canada just ended the Heat Warning that has been in place for a very long time.  And the strong southerly wind that is blowing right now is not only a good indication of the change in weather to come, but it might just blow away the smokey skies we have had to deal with as well.  Lets hope it does. It does already seem clearer as I look out toward Mt. Arrowsmith.

The clear skies should stay around long enough for star gazers to look to the South East tonight and catch Mars rising above the horizon.  Tonight is the night the Earth and Mars are at their closest point in their respective orbits to each other as we both spin around the sun, so if you haven’t already noticed it twinkling brightly with its red hue, do it tonight as it might be your last chance for a few days at least. Thankfully, the planets don’t move away from each other too quickly, so don’t fret if you “miss” today. 🙂

I am going to use the opportunity to haul my telescope onto my roof deck for the very first time! This was a big motivation to do it! I am super excited to be able be just a little closer to the stars (and away from light) as I try to get a glimpse maybe of Mars’ polar ice caps!

A good pair of binoculars might do the trick as well.

Here’s hoping!

Happy star gazing and lets hope we get a little rain at least, just to take some of thenedge of this drought. Fire rating is expected to remain extreme for the forseeable future.

Will have a full forecast for the weekend tomorrow!

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  1. We hear this every day on TV news and so called science shows, it’s not the Earth, it should be just, Earth. Earth is a proper name like Jupiter or Mars, we don’t say The Jupiter do we !

    (Tonight is the night the Earth. Taken from your article above)

    Don’t worry we even hear people like David Suzuki and other “experts” call our planet The Earth. My apologies for the rant.

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