The chance of showers is receding again.  Yesterday parts of the Valley got a nice shower from a convective bunch of clouds that built in the far reaches ofnthe Valley. imageIt only provided a few sprinkles in town that did not register on the rain gauge.

Similarly, the airport just got a trace.

The fire danger has gone back to high and even though the danger rating forecast has it going down to medium, I am going to disagree based on the warm and dry forecast in front of us and say it will at least remain at high for the foreseeable future.  I may increase to extreme after a couple days of hot weather predicted for the weekend.



There is a slight chance of showers again this afternoon that look somewhat thundercloud related but there does not appear to be any chance for lightning.


Again it will be concentrated on the east and northcentral parts of the Island.

Have a great hump day!  It should be another nice one.

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