Heads up – Weather Server Back Online

Final Update – Weather Server Back Online (mostly)

After a day of ups and downs, I believe all of the critical data in all views is back online running under the new system. If you see anything that seems wrong, please let me know. There is a lot of data from a few different places, so sometimes I miss some. If it’s something you use and see more often you’ll probably see the problem before me! Email me, leave a comment here, or reply on Mastodon and I’ll get right on it! 🙂

There is still stuff I’ll be doing behind the scenes so you may see the data go offline or miss a beat here and there, but they should be brief enough that you don’t notice at all. If anything comes up that I have to take the system down completely for an extended time, I’ll make a new blog post, but I don’t think that will be necessary.

Thanks for your patience!

Data May be Offline – Check Date.

I will be attempting to upgrade the server again today. The information may be stale/offline at periods throughout the day. To know if data is stale look for an “Offline” in the Data Display or look at the time and date at the top left corner of the Almanac view. These are two separate reports from the system so if one is showing a current time, that one is up to date.

Update – Reverted – Data Back Online

I was unsuccessful at this first try to get it going so I have reverted back to the current version of the software. Data should be updating again now as normal. Thanks for your patience. I may try again tomorrow some time but will notify if I do.

Updating the WeeWx server that powers Alberniweather

The weather data will report “offline” and stop updating this evening, likely from now (8:30PM) until around 10PM or whenever I give up and revert back if things go bad.

I’ve been waiting all summer for the server software, called WeeWx, that I use to make a major upgrade. They’ve not quite gotten to a full release yet, but I am going to go ahead and install a beta version of the WeeWx version 5 software as I am assured by reliable sources it is stable and reliable. This is a major update so it might take an hour or two tonight as I install the new software and migrate over my customizations.

The WeeWx weather server is sits between the actual Vantage Pro weather station and the website. It takes the data from the station, creates all of the reports, webpages, and stuff and passes it up to the web server at Alberniweather.ca. I’ve been using this server software for about 10 years. It has been very reliable and continues to improve.

I’ll work on this task until around 10PM. If I’ve not at least got most of it back up and running by then, I will revert back to the current system and try again another time.

I don’t anticipate any data loss or gaps. (*Fingers Crossed!*). I have many backups!

When the system comes back online it should pick up where it left off whether it is the new or old software.

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