Hazy skies return – Might keep fog around – Air Quality still good for biking.

You will notice smoke and haze blocking the sun a bit today as the California smoke has again come to visit.

It has been hard to predict the smokes effect on Air Quality from day to day bubut for the moment the smoke seems to be staying well aloft and not subsiding down so the PM2.5 levels have remained good at ground level.

We may see an inversion situation later this week which could bring the smoke down and impact AQ but so far so good. Keep an eye on the front page here for changes in Air Quality.

Smoke may impede fog lifting

The haze and cooler temperature may keep the fog from burning off as quickly or possibly at all today. We will just have to see how much of an impact it has. Hopefully though the fog should burn off by around noon.

This weather pattern to stay for next week.

This high pressure (the big bend in the Jetstream below) that has brought us sun, and now smoke, is expected to stay into next week.

There are no frontal systems or other active weather in the models that might indicate a change so I would expect this smoke to stay for that long provided the climate fires keep raging in California.

Still ok for Going By Bike!

I’ll still be heading out for a ride around the block. It has been so nice getting out in the mornings! Hope you are enjoying the time out as well. Port Alberni riders have already logged over 700km this week! Wow!

Happy Wednesday!

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