Happy Thanksgiving! GO VOTE. Rain ending by Noon. Ready for BC Shakeout drill on the 15th?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  I hope you have been able to spend time with your family and enjoy a good meal.

Also, if you have not already done so, consider voting today! The advance polls are open again today from 12-8PM at the Lawn Bowling Club.  I have been offering rides to people all weekend from 12-4.  Just send me a PM on facebook or give me a call at 250-731-7930 if you or someone you know needs a ride to the polls.  I have a large hatchback car so am happy to take a family or someone with a wheelchair.  This is an incredibly important election when it comes to climate change policy. If you are younger than 18-40 and you don’t usually vote, we need you now more than ever.  Today is the final day for advance polls.  General election day is next Monday the 19th.

Rain ending by Noon.


WE might get some heavy rain this morning but the cold front will push through before noon today leaving us with some clouds and maybe some clear patches.

The forecast is completely dry until Saturday so it should be a pleasant week with some sunny breaks and temperatures possibky into the 20s.

Great BC Shakeout on 15th!


Are you ready for the big earthquake drill on the 15th? I will be participating in this drill by posting special announcements in the hour after the initial earthquake to practice what I would do with this website in the event of a major earthquake and/or tsunami.  I will also be posting to Facebook and Twitter.  This is alsogoing to be good practice for the big test drill that is happening next June here in Port Alberni where they will have a full on the ground response test simulating a megathrust earthquake and Tsunami.

Do you have an emergency kit? An evacuation plan? Do you live in the tsunami zone?

Thursday will provide a great oportunity to test this out and have a little fun too.

Happy Monday everyone!

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