Great BC Shakeout Earthquake and Tsunami drill today at 10:15AM!

Are things a little different because of the Pandemic?

We know that when it rains it pours. So when is a major earthquake and tsunami most likely to strike? Well during a pandemic of course!

I am teasing of course but today is Great BC Shakeout day. That means at 10:15AM there will be a province wide emergency drill for people to get prepared for a major earthquake or, in our case, a Tsunami too!

You can click the image and go to their website to register. You can even register as part of the Alberniweather group but you don’t really need to.

The important and fun part is practicing your emergency drill!

Drop, Cover, Hold on at 10:15AM

93.3 The Peak in Port Alberni should be participating as well so if you have them on the radio you’ll be reminded and they will participate as well!

Expect a mock Emergency Post from Alberniweather

I will be testing out my own emergency posting procedures for when there is an earthquake or Tsuanmi. You should receive a post just after 10:15AM warning of an earthquake. (To simulate me dropping. Covering and holding on first… then making a post ASAP! :))

Good time to check your kits

This is a great time to check or make your own emergency kits and grab bags. There are lots of resources on the Shakeout website.

Have fun and hopefully we all come out a little better prepared!

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