Frigid night but no record – Possible snow on the warmup Tuesday.

Record for January 12 was -15

It got plenty cold, and fast, yesterday but we didn’t set any records. As posted on Mastodon:

Looks like we “peaked” today at a balmy temperature of -4.0ºC in #PortAlberni. Our low this morning was -8.7ºC. The lowest windchill recorded was -14.1.

The official low at the Airport was -9.7ºC and lowest windchill was also -14.

Sorry folks, no records today! The lowest temp for this date at the Airport is -10.5ºC in 2017 and lowest all-time is -15.0ºC at Robertson Creek in 1993.

That should be the coldest we get for this Arctic outbreak. There was some dry snow on the east side of the Island from Nanaimo north but I haven’t seen anything more than a couple of fluffy centimetres.

Tuesday System Snow/Rain?

It will be a perfect winter weekend. Dry, cold, and hopefully sunny even in Port Alberni!

The pattern shifts again on Tuesday when a moderately strong system comes in from the Pacific.

Below is the 1-4PM view on Tuesday:

A band of precipitation approaches the west coast of North America on Tuesday afternoon

Whether the cold sticks around and produces a snow event, or it warms enough to just make a slushy mess or rain, it’s too early to tell.

We’ll watch the models over the weekend to see what they say. In the meantime, enjoy Winter while we have it!

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