This is a separate post from the road opening Schedule I posted earlier today.

I thought it might be interesting to see what days might be the highest chance of getting closed due to strong afternoon winds as it still is this evening (next driveBC update 10PM). So let’s look out to the next 16 days. Feel free to share this, but note it’s just a guess based on one model and today’s winds.

SpotWX forecast.

I’m going to use the model forecast from SpotWX as it has easy to understand graphs to show the windier days. Don’t worry about the speed below but instead where the highest peaks are.

Two graphs showing Wind Speed and Direction over the next 16 days.
Two graphs showing Wind Speed and Direction over the next 16 days.

From that graph I would pinpoint the following days for possible afternoon high winds and thus possible closures:

  • Today (July 16) – Obviously.
  • Monday (July 17)
  • Friday (July 21)
  • Saturday (July 22)
  • Sunday (July 23)

After next week it looks like the wind patterns (and perhaps sunny weather) changes from mostly southerlies to a more variable wind situation.

Hopefully that helps with what you might expect. Generally, the “inflow” winds are strongest from about 3PM to 8PM any day that it is sunny and warm in the Alberni Valley.

Good luck!

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